1.4 - How to get help

You can use the in-game chat system to get help, using the /help and /report buttons.

For general or gameplay-related questions, use /help. This will send your question to any Supporters who are online. The /help command works like this:

نقل قول:
/help how do I [your question here]?


نقل قول:
/help how do I move troops across water?

To report a player for cheating, hacking, or violating atWar rules, use /report to contact the Moderators. The /report command works like this:

نقل قول:
/report [player name] is [breaking x rule] in [link to the game]


نقل قول:
/report Dave is hacking in https://atwar-game.com/games/?link=7917584467

You can use /report even when no moderators are online -- your report will be saved and reviewed by the next available Moderator.


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